Magdalena Kamińska, Aneta Sulborska, Elżbieta Weryszko-Chmielewska


[Zmiany skórne wywołane przez bluszcz (Hedera helix L.)]

Skin lesions caused by ivy (Hedera helix L.) leaves Alergoprofil 2018; 3(14): 63-68. DOI: 10.24292/01.AP.110718



Hedera helix leaves are a medicinal raw material with toxic properties related to the content of triterpene saponins. The rationale behind the anatomical analyses of ivy leaves conducted in the present study was a case of skin lesions triggered by contact with the plant while gardening and a need to find its cause. In microscopic studies, we have determined the location of secretory tissues and analysed their content with the use of histochemical assays. We have demonstrated that essential oil is produced by glandular trichomes and secretory channels located close to vascular bundles. We have found that the epidermis cell secretion, which can evoke reaction, is present not only in the trichomes but also on the surface of leaf blades and petioles.